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From Broomfield, Colorado, and born in Tainan, Taiwan, I am an M.S. candidate for Computer Engineering at Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, Ohio. I am a passionate user of Linux and open-source software, and my current interest is embedded Linux programming.

I am currently employed at Oculii Corporation, a technology company specializing in designing and producing high-resolution radar modules. While working at Oculii, I am also a part-time teaching assistant at Case for EECS 303 - Embedded Systems Design and Laboratory under Professor Christos A. Papachristou.

Outside of the computer world, I occasionally research different personality types and intertype relationships and study the theory of information elements known as socionics. I also love biking, skiing, and lifting weights, as well as traveling to new places and meeting new people...(cliche?)

Last but not least, the name is 'Nyeo,' like Neo from the Matrix. And yes, I love that movie and strive to become as technologically adept as him in the future.


Programmer, love Linux

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